‘Wow Thiago, you look like an Arab.”

It was Sunday, I had the car stopped in front of a Syrian friend’s house, who together with his family took refuge here in Brazil because of the war. As he entered the car he saw me and his reaction was to in great shock said I was looking like an Arab.If you were to see me today you would notice that I currently have a few physical trates that resemble an Arab man, the main one being the long beard.

Three years ago, I went through a three month leadership course here on our Centro de Capacitação de Lideres, YWAM- CCL . The course’s main goal was for each student to create a life project, where they would have their values, goals and life mission etc. After three months I was able to  successfully finish the course that we call LTS.( Leadership Training School) . I discovered a new fase in my life like that I didn’t even know about. refugees! my project was aimed to serve refugees. However, the school came to an end and a few years went by. They went by so fast that I didn’t even keep up, the truth is that when I realized how many years went by I was similiantia to them , in other words, similar to them.

In the middle of 2015 I was strongly lead by the Holy Spirit to do an advanced photography class in Curitiba, south Brazil. Today, I am also involved in the photographic scene here in the capital of Parana. I had the privilege of exposing some of my work in a book Roda de Fotografos that we released in the end of 2014. In this book you find my pictures that are related to abortion and Indigenous infanticide.  In this circle of photographers i mad friends. Friends who not share my religion , but have the same passion: document through pictures. God’s direction for me was to this advanced course called FOTOGRAFIA VISCERAL. That  was based on photography as a life vocation. And through the friends I made during this course, I was able to materialize the beginning of my project to serve refugees.

I am dedicating myself to document the daily life of a few refugee families here in Curitiba. They are Syrian and Armenians , common people who left their dreams and a whole life because of the war, but they are extraordinary  in teaching  how to learn to live in a new culture, new language even with so many difficulties that the war put in their lives.




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