“Blessed to be a blessing to the Nations”


” Blessed to be a blessing to the Nations “

This course is part of the College of Christian Ministries from the University of the Nations Colleges and Centres.


(Full learning weeks)



The SOFM exists to equip and release those who have a calling from God for long term ministry among unreached people groups in Europe and beyond. Did you know that 29% of the world population has no access to the gospel? There are 7 thousand ethnolinguistic groups in the world that are considered unreached, this includes refugees and diasporas in western countries and there are only 3% of missionaries working among unreached people groups.

This family friendly school will prepare you to move forward with vision,calling and in faith for the impossible whilst providing practical opportunities to put your training and faith into practice. In the past, England has been known for being a sending nation. We believe God wants to reignite its spiritual and missional heritage and you can be part of it.

Abraham was called by God to leave his home and go to a foreign land. His faith filled obedience ushered in generations of future Jesus followers who have said yes to fulfil this global mandate; you are blessed to be a blessing to the nations.

Are you willing to respond to God’s call and go to nations/unreached people groups still waiting to hear of the Good News of Jesus Christ?



Experienced missionary teachers will demonstrate how to more effectively reach those people groups that God has or will put on your heart. Whether you are called to pioneer new YWAM teams or join existing locations, this school will prepare you to thrive spiritually and personally while equipping you with practical tools for fruitful ministry.

A unique aspect of this course is the Discipleship Making Movements Module which will run alongside the core training phase and the inclusion of bibleless language sessions. Both are vital tools for fulfilling the great commission.

Our learning week will be a mix of classroom learning, ministry times, self-led learning and research, as well as continuing to form good spiritual disciplines and habits.

 Some of the other areas we will focus on are:

    • Biblical and Historical basis of mission.
    • Intercultural adjustment and communication.
    • Healthy relationships: team building and team work.
    • Understanding of world religion and communicating the gospel in their context.
    • Learning Jesus’s Leadership model in pionering. 
    • How to use God’s story in Evangelism. 
    • Discipleship making movements.
    • Spiritual warfare and intercession in the spheres of society. 
    • Identity and Relationship with God in daily life in the mission field.
    • Ending bible poverty within bibleless people groups.
    • Language and cultural learning.
    • Researching unreached people groups
    • Business as a mission, support raising and other practicalities in the mission field.



IntInternships are highly encouraged as part of the SOFM. The school leader and staff will give you space to hear from God about where, who and how while providing encouragement and support that will continue through to the end of the internship. If you already feel drawn to a specific location or people group then please let us know.

 We will be offering two options:

A two-month internship for those who want to explore a location and see what team could be a good fit before going long term.

A two-year internship for those who are ready to be launched into full-time missions to where God is calling you to go. Yes, frontier missions are on our doorstep! The harvest is plenty but the labourers are few.

Do you want to be more effective in the ministry God has called you to?
Are you willing to learn from people who are living out what they teach?
3 billion people in the world are still waiting to hear the good news of Jesus Christ!
Are you willing to say yes to Jesus today?


“The Bible is full of ordinary people who went to impossible places & did wondrous things because they obeyed God.”  – Brother Andrew



Arenla Tyson

Arenla Tyson

Arenla Tyson is married with two wonderful kids and has a passion to see unreached people groups reach! Arenla first began her journey with YWAM over 20 years ago in the year 2000. After completing her DTS, she then went on to do SOFM and staff SOFM.

In 2004 Arenla was part of the first long term YWAM team ever to be sent out to a country in south east Asia  from her home country India. Arenla served faithfully there for 15 years reaching out to the people and saw many come to faith in Jesus! In particular God put a minority group on her heart and led her to successfully navigate the mountainous region to find and bring the light of the gospel to them.

Arenla has so much tried and tested God-given experience, revelation and wisdom to impart and is excited to equip you to be more effective than you ever felt possible. Catch hold of God’s heart for the unreached people groups of the world, catch hold of your future. 

Laura Mudd

Laura Mudd

Laura Mudd will be co leading the SOFM/FIS. She and her family have served in the Middle East and Europe for over 20 years.

She has two teenage children and loves laughing and being outside with her family. They have a huge heart for the Muslim world, young people finding their calling, Bibleless peoples, and of course good food from around the world.

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Date: September 20th to December 15th  2023

Cost: Estimated cost (TBC) £2950 + £200 trip fees + Internship fees which will be according to where you decide to go.



Date: TBC

Cost: TBC



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