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Get Involved

If you live in the local area and wish to offer some of your time to volunteer in our café, grounds, kitchen or have another specific skill you think may be of use to us – we would love to hear from you!

Local Volunteer Application Form

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  • If I am accepted I will comply with the values and ethos of YWAM (These documents can be found at https://ywam.org/about-us/values/

  • I agree to abide by YWAM Harpenden‘s Code of Conduct

Though every effort is made to provide a safe environment, Youth With A Mission Harpenden Ltd, their agents, employees and volunteer assistants are insured against loss or injury caused by the negligence of Youth With A Mission Harpenden Ltd. In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by Youth With A Mission Harpenden Ltd, participation in a Youth With A Mission Harpenden Ltd organised programme, event or outreach is entirely at the participants own risk. Accordingly participants are required to have adequate medical insurance for all phases of their involvement with Youth With A Mission Harpenden Ltd.


  • If needed, I consent to a criminal records check if appointed to the position for which I have applied. I am aware that details of pending prosecutions, previous convictions, cautions, or bindovers against me may be disclosed along with any relevant information, which may be known to the police
  • If needed, I understand that, if I am a UK resident, a check will be made with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and that it is an offence for any person to commence Regulated Activity without first providing a valid DBS Disclosure. If I am an overseas resident, I understand that I will need to provide a police check from my home nation if the position I am appointed to requires it.
  • I agree to inform the person within the YWAM base/team responsible for processing applications for Disclosure and Barring Service checks if I am convicted of an offence after I take up any post within YWAM England. I understand that failure to do so may lead to the immediate suspension of my work with children or vulnerable adults and/or the termination of my work/training association with YWAM.
  • I agree to inform the person within YWAM responsible for processing application for the Disclosure and Barring Service if I become the subject of a police and/or a social services/(Childrens Social care or Adult Social Services)/social work department investigation.
  • I understand that failure to do so may lead to the immediate suspension of my work with children or vulnerable adults and/or the termination of my work/training and association with YWAM.

Criminal Offences

YWAM England and Wales, as an agency working with children and young people, is exempt from the UK Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974) and therefore applicants must declare all previous convictions. Police record checks can be made by YWAM to verify information. 


Please provide the names and email address of two people that would be willing to provide a reference on your behalf. Select people that have known you for at least two years and if you are under 18, please ask your parent/guardian to be one of those referees. Once you have submitted this form, your referees will receive a form from us. Please contact your references and ask them to check their junk mail folder as these emails are often marked as junk mail. One reference should ideally have known you in a work/volunteering capacity.

Reference One - Employer/Teacher/Other

Reference Two - Parent/Friend

Review and Submit

On the next page you can review your full application. If there are any changes you need to make you will be able to go back through your application. 

Once you have reviewed your application please click confirm at the bottom of the review page to send to us.