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Fuse your heart with God’s


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Fuse your heart with God’s

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If you want to be transformed as you fuse your heart with God’s, join with young people from many nations and use your gifts to glorify Jesus, this DTS is for you!  

The heart of our DTS is facilitating intimacy with God, embracing all the nations represented and for us all to become bridges connecting different languages and cultures. One way is by having our morning classes in English & Spanish.  


The Discipleship Training School is a 6 month, full-immersion experience: moving towards God, to know His heart of love, and to go with Him into the world, to complete His Great Commission.  


The core of DTS is discipleship and mission.   

That is worked out through each week in multiple ways, including our Fusion Fridays (worship, freedom & fire!) & in our tracks, where there are more specialised teachings & practices. You choose one track from:  


In this track,you explore your own creativity. We’re created to create and here you have time to feed that part of you. The track includes coaching and mentoring in your creative project until you take risks and have an impact on the Lord that you never thought you could. Exodus 31:1-5 You’ll be encouraged and mentored to approach your creativity as an act of worship. Content of technique training depends on which artistic discipline you want to explore.


In our Communications and Photography track, we will be looking at the basic principles of photography and how to be an effective communicator of the gospel through photography. We’ll look at how to operate a camera, know the main functions (ISO, shutter speed and aperture, light and composition), and more. We’ll learn about what it means to really care about others while using photography, challenging you on how to become an effective storyteller. Together we’ll be looking at how to apply Biblical principles of communication and how to communicate with integrity in a world dominated by relativism and fake news. Our hope is that you learn to use your skill and passion for photography as a tool to reach the nations!


You learn how to be effective in reaching across cultures. This includes a focus on language learning (language depends on outreach location) and how to practically love like Jesus those considered “foreign” or a “outcast”. Phil 2: 2 – 9 



In this track we lay out a theological framework for how we are to care for creation, and how this relates to other aspects of God’s call to engage in his mission in the earth. We look at key environmental challenges, basic scientific arguments and how to manage change. The track offers students ideas of how we can change our behaviour to practise care for God’s creation, and be catalysts for change amongst others. We invite trainees to think up and implement an initiative to change behaviours or habits, either in the school, or on the YWAM base and also to plan a creative outreach which integrates creation care with sharing the kingdom of God with others.  


We believe sport can be an avenue for building relationships, discipleship, and sharing the gospel. In this track, we will spend time playing the game and learning to glorify God specifically on the soccer field and team environments.  We will explore areas such as how sports can train us in self-discipline, perseverance, fostering positive team environments,  competing well, and honouring God with our physical bodies.  We will hone our individual football abilities, and learn how to facilitate matches and coach training sessions.  Whatever language you speak, football brings people together, and we will  learn to use the sport to reach people for Jesus.  


Prepare to be transformed and receive a life-changing boost from God to equip you for the rest of your life.


Sandro and Deborah Cruz

Sandro and Deborah Cruz

Colombia / UK

My name is Sandro Cruz from Bogota, Colombia and I am the best (only) son of my mum! I enjoy studying, exploring various art disciplines, swimming in rivers (so relaxing), and eating fish & chips! Because of who we are as a couple, we are a bridge to help Latinos into the Great Commission to do their part in fulling the Great Commission. We also facilitate others to go to Latin America & wherever the Lord leads! God has hardwired each individual to worship Him. My passion for this DTS is for all of us to go deep with Him & we will see those unique, creative worship expressions released.

I’m Deborah and I’m quarter Scot, quarter Welsh, and half English. I grew up dancing and singing around our house, went to classes & eventually, a got degree in Performance Arts. I also play guitar, percussion and like to try other instruments. I love experiencing the Lord outdoors, and through music, color & movement. I’m a teacher and it’s a delight to see people achieve more than they dreamed they could. My desire for this DTS is that all of us would expand our capacity for encountering the Trinity, then see that amazing relationship multiply in the nations.


Maytte Sarabia

Maytte Sarabia

Coast of Ecuador

I’m Maytte, I’ve been with YWAM the past 6 years and mostly working with the younger generations. God is constantly increasing my heart for the nations and the lost. I’m passionate about discipleship and seeing young people being restored to their former glory. I love to see people’s potential and champion them to be what God made them to be.



Martina Stabler

Martina Stabler


I am so excited about this DTS because I love how much our lives can be transformed when we truly take the time to get to know God intimately. I’ve been blessed to experience that in my own life, and I love seeing it happen in other people’s lives. God continues to grow in me a love for working with people from different cultures and discovering through them the richness that exists in the Kingdom of God. I also enjoy reading, painting, exploring cities at night, and laughing with friends.


Date: 10 January – 28 June 2024

Lecture Cost: £2950 + £70.00 activity fee 
*Outreach Cost: £2500-£3,000

NB The cost of flights and visas will be in addition dependent on location.




If you have any questions regarding this school, please email: admissions@ywamharpenden.org

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