YWAM Harpenden is a training campus that exists “to train young people to live like Jesus and transform communities”. We offer a number of training courses and seminars to help equip participants to do this. Our courses are designed to equip participants to take their place in fulfilling the Great Commission, whether that is within a traditional “missions” context or through serving and advancing God’s Kingdom in the different spheres of society. The emphasis of our training is not only growth in knowledge and skills but also Christ-centred character development.

A crucial element to the learning experience is our “live/learn” environment. If you join us you will learn not only from lectures but also from community living, regular rhythms of worship and intercession, local outreach and practical service on our campus. Our schools are typically made up of a 12-week lecture phase on our campus, often followed by a practical field assignment or outreach. The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is our primary school and entry point for most of our Second-Level Training Schools.

We also offer a number of Seminars, ranging from one week to six weeks in length; this option gives you more opportunities for specialist training which can fit around other work commitments and responsibilities.



Our goal is “to know God and make Him known”. The Discipleship Training School (DTS) was created to help equip you for your role in fulfilling the Great Commission. The DTS is an intense full-time program, lasting five or six months. You will start with a three-month “training phase” at our campus before stepping out into the nations serving God’s through evangelism, intercession, and acts of compassion for two to three months.

The training phase takes place in a live/learn environment and includes foundational Christian teaching and discipleship in a vibrant community of dedicated believers. The practical field assignment (or “outreach”) is about putting your learning into practice, sharing the gospel in word and deed. Here at YWAM Harpenden, our outreaches typically visit one of our long-term partner nations which are Uganda, Albania, the Middle East, and Greece (refugee focus).

The DTS is a prerequisite for serving with YWAM and our second level training courses. Once you have successfully completed the DTS there are many exciting paths and opportunities open to you.





After successfully completing the DTS, there is the opportunity to pursue further training within our second-level schools. These schools are run as part of University of the Nations (UofN) which offers courses, practicums and internships in over 160 nations worldwide. Courses can be taken one module (school) at a time leading to a degree offered at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s level.  Here at YWAM Harpenden, we are working to offer tracks that will enable you to gain a diploma (Associate Degree) in the area of Humanities, Communications, and Christian Ministry and Leadership.

The University of the Nations (UofN) is a global Christian University that uses an integrated approach to ministry, including evangelism, training, and the meeting of physical needs. The UofN takes a global, cross-cultural, and modular training approach. Approximately 17,500 students a year take one or more registered courses in over 97 languages at more than 550 locations on all continents. Our training combines elements of both formal and non-formal education, with a commitment to worshipping God in spirit and truth, making room for that expression in all that we do.

Universities first began as ministries of the Church, training leaders for the Church and society. In a similar way, the UofN seeks to train leaders from around the world who are called to the nations, whether they serve in the domain of the Church or in other domains of society. Whatever the context, the common goal of obedience to Christ’s commission to go and make disciples of all nations is the prime motivating factor in developing our training.

*Note on Accreditation: Youth With A Mission Harpenden and University of the Nations are not currently accredited with a UK training body, though various accredited institutions throughout the world have accepted UofN transfer students and credits. For more information on accreditation please visit