Discover more of who God made you to be as a communicator





This course is part of the College of Communications from the University of the Nations Colleges and Centres.

(Full learning weeks)



“Communication is a process for creating understanding in which two or more parties are involved.”


 – Professor D. K. Smith





This three-month programme lays essential foundations in biblical communication while advancing the individual’s skill and confidence in speaking, writing and listening. It aims to sharpen a trainee’s ability to communicate clearly through cross-cultural and interpersonal dynamics and offer principles of preparing and delivering a message to a variety of audiences. Through provoking instruction and discussion, video evaluation, presentations and written assignments, individuals discover their place and potential as effective influencers in the public forum.


The SCF seeks participants eager to learn about basic communication skills, before moving to a depth of understanding and growth in giving/receiving feedback, observation, and conflict resolution, before practising these in real-time. Beyond the written and oral learning, this school assists in deepening what it means to walk in fellowship as a local body of believers – integrating head, heart and Spirit, with knowledge, character and skills in application. The SCF offers a holistic approach to biblical communication and you may find your understanding of God, self and others move to a new level. It will require some humility, humour and active participation to step out of comfort zones, engage, take more risks and work hard, but we can do it together…

Finally, by cultivating awareness, and exploring what it means to be fully present, fully alive – you will discover more who God made you to be as a communicator. The SCF is led by the Founder and Author of Communication: the facilitators are a motley crew of learners and disciples alongside you – with maybe a bit more life experience! If you’re up for the challenge and are willing to jump in and join us on the journey, you are welcome – whatever your story.



APRIL 2024

Arrival Date: 10 April 2024

Graduation Date: 4 July 2024

Departure Date: 5 July 2024

Cost: £2950 + £100 (activity fee)


  • Communication models and foundations
  • Public Speaking: preparing, delivering and evaluating a message; speech work and techniques.
  • Research Writing; writing a paper on either unreached peoples or marginal members of society
  • Creative and Professional Writing: developing writing skills and tools.
  • The Art of Feedback, and Listening skills
  • Biblical Worldview, and the spheres of society
  • Cross-Cultural Communication: non-verbal communication and understanding of cultural codes and dynamics
  • Interpersonal Communication: conflict resolution, assumptions and relational matters
  • Jesus Style Communication: biblical principles for clear communication
  • Intrapersonal Communication: working from the inside-out: discovering the heart of the issue.


When faced with challenges, I always look back to this school. It changed everything.
Doris, W.Africa.


‘What I learned on the SCF I put in my “back pocket” and have pulled out all throughout my life to help remind me of His truths – for myself and for others.’
Steve, N. America.


‘I felt challenged to the max through the SCF, but through the way we prepared and were mentored I learned following Christ means I can take risks, try new things, overcome fear. Today I can speak in front of many people without freaking out!’
Sam, Europe


‘I wouldn’t be where I am in life today without the SCF. I do still have some challenges with communication sometimes, but this school was a good kick in the right direction of beginning to improve.’

Janeen, Australia.

‘Parts of this school laid a foundation of where I am today – not only spiritually, but professionally.
Micah, Asia.

‘It was a milestone in my life.’
Suri, S. America


Jenni Lotz and Fiona Gifford, alongside a strong SCF staff team

Fiona hails from the UK and is born to a South African father and Irish mother. She took her DTS in Canada 39 years ago, and since led/staffed over 40 YWAM schools – travelling to over 100 nations on every continent (except Antarctica, which would be rather amazing!). Her passions include spiritual formation, communication and discipleship: working alongside all nations and generations to serve in seeing transformation and radical growth in God.

Jenni, born and raised South African took her DTS in Worcester in 1992 and went on to SOE, SBS and APC in Muizenberg – subsequently staffing these schools. After joining the College of Communication in the U of N, she did her SCF in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1998 and then led two SCF’s in YWAM Burtigny, Switzerland and staffed two in YWAM Harpenden, England and co-lead another two in Worcester, South Africa with Fiona. She has spent 16 years as an endurance horse rider and trainer. Jenni loves animals, the outdoors – especially the ocean and good movies.


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