(Photo: YWAM Harpenden Archive)

DTS Testimonies: Greater Than My Disbelief

I don’t know how I made it to DTS, it seemed impossible and I didn’t even know what YWAM was but God had a plan and a purpose for me there that was greater than my disbelief.

Ignite DTS was 6 months of constant revelation, healing, friendship, learning and transformation. Week by week, I was taken on a new journey of deeper understanding of who God is and who He made me to be. Through the great community and discipleship from passionate leaders I got to grow so much in my walk with God.

Honestly, the levels of inner healing and spiritual growth that happened in such a short time was completely amazing. Going into such a safe environment with people around you who truly care and want to share all God has to offer with you is such a life changing experience.

Going on outreach was such an incredible part of the school I got the opportunity to take all the skills, tools and revelations I had learnt and share them with people across the world. Bringing Jesus to people who had never even heard his name before was a privilege I will never forget.

My passion for discipleship and mission has truly been ignited and I know that DTS was just the beginning of the awesome journey me and God have together.

I walked into that YWAM base the first day completely unaware, lonely, riddled with shame and I guess what the bible calls “lost” and I stood there on graduation day feeling free, secure and surrounded by a community of people whom I had grown so much to love.

I have learnt what a life with God truly looks like and I encourage you if you want healing, revelation, adventure and ignition in your faith with God say yes to this discipleship training school.

Written by Beth Morgan, 2019 Ignite DTS student