Orphans Know More (OKM) believes the best way to tackle the international orphan crisis is to care for children in loving families. This restores their identity and belonging; they are ‘orphans no more’. 

OKM was set up in 2005 to support Ugandan families adopting orphans and vulnerable children, many affected by AIDS and war.

Sam and Irene Kisolo have long championed the responsibility of Ugandan families to embrace these vulnerable children instead of putting them into orphanages. Sam says, ‘Placing children in families gives them the right to be children again. They no longer have to live with the stigma of being an orphan, but become a child again as a part of a family.’

OKM has directly assisted 228 children, 36 of whom are now employed or self-employed adults. Some have gone on to support or adopt children of their own. Our partnership with 25 dedicated families has created a sustainable model which is effectively breaking the cycle of poverty.



Some of the practical ways OKM is engaging with the families in Uganda are:

  • Enabling all children to attend school
  • Advising on agriculture and food production
  • Ensuring adequate housing and clean water
  • Providing necessary medical treatment
  • Equipping parents and children through trauma and grief counselling
  • Funding a local social worker to support families
  • Offering supportive social gatherings and advocacy for adoption
  • Empowering families through micro-enterprise projects
  • Partnering to distribute income-generating trees and coffee plants
  • Assisting in establishing community schools
  • Sponsoring young adults through vocational training


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