Narrative Writing Seminar

Come away and write.


In this two-week seminar, come grow with other creative writers, and be refreshed in your call to tell stories.

Whether you’re just starting on this adventure or a seasoned professional, our hope is you will find inspiration, renewed hope, and that precious time to actually sit and write.             

Jesus was a master storyteller. He used story to challenge and teach, and we’re still learning from his parables today. Storytelling is perhaps one of the most powerful ways of communicating truth. We want to see more writers using their God-given talent to inspire and challenge people through meaningful stories, whether they’re biographical or high fantasy, epic scifi’s or sweeping period pieces, your story has a place, and we want to help you achieve your dreams.                                                                 

We’ve tailored our seminar to act as both seminar and retreat, providing ample time to be away from all the noise and to focus on writing, with times of refreshment in your creative endeavours and giving you ideas to get the creative juices flowing. We will provide lectures on story basics and strategic tools for writing. Our aim is to help you find a narrative approach for your book whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction.                       

On the last evening of the event, we will have time for writers to read excerpts from their WIP or from any of their published work, and there will be tables set up for people to purchase any published work too. Feel free to bring a few of your books with you. 


  • Story, Three-Act Structure, Hero’s Journey
  • Finding Tone & Voice, & Format
  • Building an Author Brand
  • How to Balance Life & a Writer’s Life
  • Optional meetings with writing coaches & editors


Charis Joy Jackson

Charis is a third-generation YWAMer, who grew up in Hawaiʻi running around the Kona campus turning banyan trees into spaceships. She spent over 14 years working with the U of N’s, film and acting courses (SDF & SAS), where she mentored aspiring creatives.

She’s written and directed several short films, and been a story advisor for many projects (film/novel). Charis was also the Editor-in-Chief of an online film magazine, The Independent Initiative, and spent four years writing for Christian Today and Backstage.

She is passionate about championing aspiring creatives, helping them find ways to co-create with the best Storyteller—The Creator—and giving them tools to grow in their gifts and talents. And, she especially loves to celebrate those who achieve their dreams.


Date: 22 January — 2 February 2024
(we recommend you arrive Sunday evening on the 21st and leave Saturday morning on the 3rd)  

Cost:  email for costs


If you’d like to know more or have any questions regarding this seminar, please email: