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The SCF is one of YWAM’s University of the Nations Core Courses, but you don’t need to be a degree student to apply! This program lays essential foundations in Biblical communication, while advancing your skills, confidence and application in writing, speaking, listening – as well as giving and receiving feedback. It aims to sharpen your ability to communicate through cross-cultural and interpersonal dynamics, and equips you with principles of preparing and delivering a message to a variety of audiences. Through provoking instruction and discussion, video evaluation, written and practical assignments, why not discover your potential and place as an effective influencer in the public forum?

The SCF seeks to cultivate your oral and written communication skills, and explore what it means to be fully present, fully alive – and discover more who God made you to be as a communicator. You will be able to apply your skills in the private, public and professional world.

This course will challenge you, and involve deepening what it means to walk in Biblical fellowship as a local body of believers – integrating head, heart and Spirit, with knowledge and skills in application. The SCF takes a holistic approach to what it means to be a Biblical communicator- and applying an understanding of God, self and others to a new level. It requires humility to step out of your comfort zone, take more risks, confront fears, and work hard – but we can do it together!


Jono Bevan, Fiona Gifford and Jenni Lotz

Jono Bevan, Fiona Gifford and Jenni Lotz

The SCF facilitators’ followed the leader of the SCF is the most Awesome Founder of the Universe: the facilitators are a motley crew of learners and disciples alongside you – with maybe a bit more life experience! If you’re up for the challenge and are willing to jump in and join us on the journey, you are most welcome: Jono Bevan (New Zealand); Fiona Gifford (UK/Ireland); Jenni Lotz (South Africa).


Date: 15 April – 10 July 2020

Cost: £2,450


  • Communication models and foundations
  • Public Speaking: preparing, delivering and evaluating a message; speech work and techniques.
  • Research Writing; writing a paper on either unreached peoples or marginal members of society
  • Creative and Professional Writing: developing writing skills and tools.
  • The Art of Feedback, and Listening skills
  • Biblical Worldview, and the spheres of society
  • Cross Cultural Communication: non-verbal communication and understanding of cultural codes and dynamics
  • Interpersonal Communication: conflict resolution, assumptions and relational matters
  • Jesus Style Communication: biblical principles for clear communication
  • Intrapersonal Communication: working from the inside-out: discovering the heart of the issue.


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