This course is part of the College of Humanities & International Studies and Community Development Centre from the University of the Nations Colleges and Centre.

DEV/HMT 365/366

(Full learning weeks)




This CDS will be field-based and run in partnership with YWAM Noepe in Togo, West Africa.

How do impoverished communities move from despair to hope? It’s all about restoring broken relationships. The Community Development School provides an overview of the issues involved in helping communities (rural or urban) grow and be transformed towards God’s intentions. It focuses on a Biblical understanding of the root causes of poverty and underdevelopment and the strategies needed to enable people to find their own solutions.

Christians have a vital role to play in facilitating sustainable development that is about changing communities by restoring the broken relationships between people, between ‘man’ and God, and between ‘man’ and creation, and in demonstrating an integral approach that addresses all areas of life; physical, social, and spiritual. The key is people – transformed hearts, minds, and lives; transformed communities, societies, and nations. The glory of God declared and demonstrated.

This course is offered in partnership with YWAM Noepe.


DATE:  27th September – 19th December 2018



The following topics are covered during the lecture phase of the CDS, with the overall emphasis focused on enabling communities to lead their own process of development and in partnering with communities. Please click on the links to see videos related to that topic for a small taste of what you will be learning through this school


School Leader: Annette Jandrell

Why CDS: A nurse since 1981, Annette worked for a year in a camp for Cambodian refugees in Thailand in the early ‘90s. This experience planted a vision for community development and preventive health care because she saw the same diseases recurring time after time and a community trapped by their situation.

After returning to the UK in ‘92, Annette qualified  and worked as a midwife. In 1997, she completed her DTS (England). Annette took the Principles of Community Health (PCH) and Introduction to Primary Health Care Schools (IPHC) in Kona during 1998-99.

This was followed by long-term ministry as part of YWAM Cambodia from 2000-2008. During this time, Annette worked with an integrated Community Health & Development Programme (and church support) in a remote, impoverished north-east province, with a team of local Cambodians who trained village development committees and village health volunteers and support community development projects such as schools, toilets, bridges, and various agricultural projects. Annette’s vision for the CDS is to equip servant-leaders who will start a process of transformation wherever they go as they implement community-led development programmes built on strong foundations of Biblical principles.


The CDS is a 6-month school, with 10-12 weeks of field assignment being an integral part of the whole learning experience. After the lecture phase, you will build on what you learned by serving in an overseas community, observing the principles of development in action.


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