TO DISCIPLE A NATION WORKSHOP – 25th to 27th October 2017

16/10/2017 We are still accepting registrations – but have limited availability

“If the church does not disciple the nation, the nation will disciple the church.”

To Disciple A Nation is a workshop focused on (1) understanding what it means to disciple nations, and (2) grappling with the task of doing that today in the British Isles. Together we will seek a Biblical perspective on our calling to disciple nations and explore how we, as followers of God, are called to influence our culture and see transformation in our communities.  We will look specifically at what is happening in the British Isles and seek to deepen our understanding of our situation as well as God’s plans, purposes and vision for our engagement with it.
We will be joined by lead contributor Bob Moffitt, co-founder of Disciple the Nations Alliance (DNA), who will provide a general backbone of teaching and share his experience on what it means to disciple a nation and see more of God’s kingdom here on earth. We also have a number of excellent local contributors who have a specific UK focus and are experts in their fields. Informal times of sharing, group discussion, processing and feedback will be emphasized so we can learn from one another’s experience and ideas.
We invite you to join us as we gather around the idea of discipling our nation and grapple with the task of doing so. This is event is open to all who are passionate to see transformation in the UK, whatever your profession. The desired outcome is that participants would leave with a greater understanding of our corporate and personal roles in discipling the UK, a sense of personal and shared vision, as well as strengthened relationships around this task. We desire that God would meet with us during this time and lift out heads towards the bigger picture of his plans and purposes for us and this land.

Start: Wednesday 25th October 2017, 10.30AM. End: Friday 27th October 2017, 1PM.
£95 (Full Board)
£75 (Food Only)   
To Disciple A Nation will include teaching and discussion on the following:

What does making disciples of nations mean? Exploring what Jesus meant by making disciples of all nations and what the Bible says on this topic and on the Kingdom of God.

How is a nation discipled? Explore how nations change and our role in pursuing this. What positive examples exist? What Biblical principles apply? What is the churches mission? How should we relate to other spheres of society such as the family, business, government, education, the media and arts?

The British Isles – Past & Present: Where has our nation come from and where is it going? Examining lies and truth in our culture. Discussing what we see regarding the 7 spheres (family, economics, religion, education, media, celebration and government) in this day and age. What good things are already happening and what is holding us back from seeing more

The British Isles – Future: Considering what God intends for our nation, his vision and call upon our nation.

How do we step into alignment with our mission? Discussing how the church can best be shaped around its intended purpose and Christians engaged into their callings. What is God’s call to us today in our current context? How do we engage with today’s world? Dreaming together and inviting God to speak to us. What, if any, strategies should we engage with?


Bob Moffitt – Key Contributor

Bob is a friend of YWAM and co-founder of the Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA). He writes and teaches curricula designed to enable lay Christians to live out their faith in practical terms, believing that local church represents the single most important community-based institution for social and cultural transformation in any nation.  Since 1968 Bob has developed and directed Christian organisations that encourage Christians to demonstrate God’s love, especially to broken people and their communities. Bob maintains a busy travel schedule, training church leaders around the world in Biblical, wholistic ministry. He has also helped to develop a free online training school called for the discipleship of nations called “Coram Deo”. He is author of “If Jesus Were Mayor: How Your Local Church Can Transform Your Community” and other books.  You can see a short video introduction from Bob here:

Martin Robinson
Martin was born in India of missionary parents and then brought up in Scotland where his father was a church planter. In his early 20’s Martin trained for the ministry and his first church was inner city Birmingham. After 13 years in local ministry, Martin went to work for the Bible Society in a variety of roles. In his role as Director of Mission and Theology and since then, Martin has written many books on the broad theme of mission, including Faith of the Unbeliever and Invading Secular Space.
Simon Reed
Simon has over 20 years local church experience as Vicar of the Ascension and St Mary’s in Ealing, West London. He is also one of the three Guardians of the Community of Aidan and Hilda, an international dispersed new monastic community inspired by the Celtic Christians of the first millennium. He is the author of Creating Community: Ancient Ways for Modern Churches (BRF 2013) and Followers of the Way: Ancient Discipleship for Modern Christians (BRF 2017). He is married with a family and enjoys hill walking, climbing and mountaineering, and is an active football supporter.
James Featherby
James has been a good friend of YWAM for many years. He chairs a group that advises the Church of England on ethical investment. He also chairs the British Bible Society. Prior to this he was for 30 years a corporate lawyer at one of the world’s leading international law firms based in London. He has written two values-based books in response to the 2008 financial crisis.
Laurence Singlehurst
A regular speaker at major events, such as Spring Harvest, and cell conferences worldwide. Laurence worked in Youth With a Mission from 1976 to 2003 and as National Director 1990 to 2003. He is currently Director of Cell UK, which involves him in working with numerous churches. His particular passion is equipping churches to reach their communities, with an emphasis on network evangelism, which is empowered by cell church values. He is the author of Sowing Reaping Keeping, Loving the Lost and Beyond the Clouds.
Lynn Green
Senior leadership in YWAM and other public ministry have taken Lynn to more than 110 nations. Some of his adventures include being part of the founding team of March For Jesus and he initiated and led the Reconciliation Walk, giving the opportunity to more than 2,500 people to walk portions of the route of the First Crusade apologizing for atrocities done in the name of Jesus. Lynn and Marti continue their commitment to taking the good news of Jesus to everyone and currently focus mostly on China and the Middle East.

We would encourage you to consider reading one of these books as part of preparation for our attending this conference:
  • Truth & Transformation or The Book That Changed Your World – Vishal Mangalwadi
  • Futureville – Skye Jethani
  • Discipling Nations – Darrow Miller
  • The Book That Transforms Nations – Loren Cunningham

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