Oval Counselling provides professional counselling, psychotherapy and debriefing in a safe and confidential environment. We use an integrative approach by choosing tools and techniques from different therapeutic models to suit the needs of the individual as they seek positive change. At the heart of our service is the desire to draw alongside people in their process of identifying the issues preventing them from having fulfilled lives.


What is counselling?
Counselling is the process that occurs when an individual (client) and counsellor set aside time in order to explore difficulties which may include feelings, experiences or behaviours with the goal of bringing positive change.
The relationship is based on trust and confidentiality.


What counselling is not…
Giving advice. Judgemental and attempting to solve the problems for the client.


Who are we?
Our team consists of culturally diverse counsellors who are registered members of professional bodies such as the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC). Oval Counselling subscribes to the code of ethics, practices and complaint procedures as laid out by the ACC.


How to contact us?
Phone: 07816 280 562
Email: ovalcounselling@ywamharpenden.org
Address: The Clock Building, 6 Highfield Oval, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 4BX