Entertaining seeks to impress people, hospitality seeks to bless people




Entertaining seeks to impress people, hospitality seeks to bless people

This course is part of the College of Arts & Sports from the University of the Nations Colleges and Centres.

The hospitality seminar is for those (men and women) who would like to grow in their understanding of spiritual and practical hospitality; whether that be in a ministry context or in their own personal lives. This is not a seminar about napkin-folding, and it’s not just for women! Hospitality is one of YWAM’s key foundational values and is about learning how to leave people better than we found them.

Starting with a biblical understanding of God’s heart for hospitality, this seminar is a balance between teaching, practical skills, spiritual and character development – such as overcoming the fear of inadequacy and holding back. This seminar is an opportunity to learn, grow and have fun!

Hospitality was always just a task for me and I didn’t have an understanding of what it really means, especially to have a heart for it.
This seminar made me aware that there is so much more to it and I loved every single thing about it, even folding boxes and napkins! It’s not about me at all, but about Jesus and relationships and blessing others.

Franzi Stilz – YWAM Holmsted Manor

The hospitality seminar has changed my life. I thought I knew a lot about hospitality until I came to this seminar. I now have much more understanding of the power of hospitality and the importance of making it a lifestyle. It has made me more passionate about sacrificing time and convenience for others knowing how it blesses our Father and that it leads people to Him.
Camilla Højgaard – YWAM Denmark

The hospitality seminar is so much more than learning how to make snacks or receiving guests into your home or organization. One of the biggest things I came away with was learning how to be a gracious guest and to receive being served. As someone who has the gift of serving/hospitality, it’s easy to just jump in and help where there’s a need. But when I’m the guest, it takes grace and humility to receive and to not say or do negative things that will offend the host or hostess. Hospitality goes both ways, giving and receiving.
Hoku Osterhus – YWAM Maui

Having been involved in a few Hospitality Seminars with Rita, it taught me that hospitality is an active way of showing God’s heart for people. To be genuinely interested in the other person and making the effort to connect with them, means that you have to be real! Presentation and outward appearance is important, but hospitality starts with your humble, serving heart that’s linked with His. If the first things that come to mind when you hear ‘Hospitality’ are tea cups, scones and napkin folding… you need to do this seminar! Hospitality is much closer to God’s heart than you know, and it requires more from you than a nicely decorated table. Develop your leadership skills by developing your level of hospitality.
Arno Bremer – YWAM Scotland


Hospitality is the love language of our heavenly Father.


Rita Pretorius

Rita is originally from South Africa. As a long-term YWAM member she has worked in South Africa, Namibia, Thailand, Holland, and for the last 24 years has been in England as part of YWAM Harpenden. From the beginning, Rita has been involved in hospitality and has trained many around the world on this topic.

Rita’s vision is to see God’s heart for hospitality understood and multiplied. She lives what she teaches and is renowned for her attention to detail and ability to create a welcoming environment. She is also famous for her cream teas and cinnamon rolls!


Date: 3rd – 8th September 2023 (leaving Saturday morning)

Cost:  £250


” Find Your Place in God’s Great Commission “.


Typical content for the seminar includes:

  • What God’s Word says about hospitality
  • Characteristics of an excellent host or hostess
  • Why hospitality is important to us as Christians
  • How to prepare and receive guests
  • The art of encouragement
  • Communication
  • Meaningful mealtimes
  • The Family and Hospitality
  • Speaker Hospitality
  • Practical Creative Skills: Basic flower arranging, cards, baking and more!


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