Explore the nature of brokenness, God’s design for community and his calling on us


Explore the nature of brokenness, God’s design for community and his calling on us

This seminar is part of the Community Development Centre from the University of the Nations Colleges and Centres.



(Full learning weeks)



The Community Development Seminar is designed for those who want to help communities move from a place of poverty to well-being, whether this is a rural village in the ‘developing’ world (what does that mean?!), an urban slum in a mega-city, or your local community / your own back yard – all communities fall short of the glory of God and are in need of transformation, and He has a plan for each.

The seminar is anchored in fundamental Biblical principles and together we will explore the nature of brokenness, God’s design for community and his calling on us as his followers as we engage with our world. It builds on this with practical insight into how we can avoid paternalism and other traps, and instead work effectively to help communities be empowered and experience transformation and change from within. This is not a seminar not for those who wish to bring a short-term fix, but for those who desire to see the sustainable transformation – spiritually, socially and physically.


This seminar is for those who want to help communities move from a place of poverty to well-being.


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Annette Goddard

Annette worked as a nurse for a year in a camp for Cambodian refugees in Thailand in the early ‘90s, an experience which planted a vision for community development and preventive health initiatives because she saw the same diseases recurring time after time and a community trapped by their situation. After qualifying and working as a midwife (1994) she completed a YWAM DTS in England (1997), and then took the Community Health & Development (CHD) and Introduction to Primary Health Care (IPHC) Schools in Kona  (Hawaii) during 1998-99. This was followed by ministry with YWAM Cambodia (2000-2008), working with an integrated Community Health & Development Programme (plus church support) in a remote, impoverished north-east province. A team of local Cambodians were trained to train village development committees and village health volunteers, and a variety of community projects such as schools, toilets, wells, bridges, and various agricultural projects were supported. Annette’s vision is to equip servant-hearted practitioners who can facilitate transformation as they work with communities to implement community-led programmes built on strong foundations of Biblical principles. Her vision statement is: “Strong communities – Working together – Building a [better] future”

Keri Fishlock

Keri has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering For (Community) Development. He worked as an engineer in the UK on water and sanitation projects until taking a discipleship training school with Mercy Ships in 2006. Whilst on board the Mercy Ship, Keri met his wife Angie, a nurse from Colorado. Together they joined YWAM Denver before moving to their present location with YWAM Harpenden.

Keri has a passion to promote and share Biblical principles on community development, and a desire to see Christians engage with communities in ways that bring genuine transformation. He started the YWAM Harpenden Community Development Hub alongside Annette as a vehicle to help to do this.


  • Background and context for community development
    • The need and relevance of community development
    • Community Development as Integral Mission
  • What is Community? What is Development?
    • Gain a general understanding of ‘community’ and ‘development’, both secular and Christian understandings + current trends
    • How to build community and team, cross cultural issues…
    • Understand that the long-term vision is to build ‘community’ and facilitate development that leads to real and sustainable transformation
  • Biblical Development
    • Understand that Biblical community development is the expression of the fullness of the Kingdom of God / the full Gospel
    • Biblical community development = Kingdom of God, integral mission, empowering, holistic….
  • Relief-Development Continuum
    • What are the differences between relief and development?
    • What is the relationship between the two?
    • Overview of the Disaster Management Cycle
    • Understanding appropriate, relevant responses
  • Community Involvement and Critical Issues of Development
    • Avoiding paternalism, dependency, and ‘agendas’ (focus on the power of choice)
    • Community empowerment
    • Community initiated development (focus on authorship)
    • Community-led / managed development (focus on ownership)
  • (Potentially) Community Assessment (beginning with an appreciative, not a needs-based, approach)
    • Appreciative assessment/asset-based community development (ABCD)
    • Participatory Learning and Action (PLA)
  • Breakout groups may also discuss how to ensure that ministry remains holistic and community-led, for example in the areas of:
    •  Health
    • Poverty reduction / income generation
    • Infrastructure
    • Food security
    • Justice / reconciliation
    • Sports & recreation
    • Arts



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