We are YWAM Harpenden – Adi

                BLOG AT YWAM HARPENDEN  COME MEET ADI What if you are in a place that you really don't want to be? I've been in many situations that I did not want to be in, but it’s encouraging to know that sometimes it's exactly there where God needs...

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We are YWAM Harpenden – Martin

                                BLOG AT YWAM HARPENDEN COME MEET MARTIN ‘Sometimes I feel like I’m on the defence line of a football team. It can look like you’re not really doing very much, but at the right moment, you kick the ball and it makes a big impact....

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We are YWAM Harpenden – Sheri

                                BLOG AT YWAM HARPENDEN COME MEET SHERI Have you ever met someone new that you are captivated by, where the conversation immediately engages you and before you know it you’ve lost all track of time? Meet Sheri! Sheri and I talked for a...

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We are YWAM Harpenden – Introduction

                                BLOG AT YWAM HARPENDEN WHAT IGNITED OUR HEARTS FOR MISSIONS? Hey everyone near and far! My name is Melissa, age 30, married to Dale (for almost 10 years) and together we have four gorgeous children. Our family has just moved...

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My experience with YWAM – Edier

                BLOG AT YWAM HARPENDEN Hi everyone! My name is Edier, I’m from Bogotá, Colombia and I was a Discovery Intern for about four months last year (2017) at YWAM Harpenden (locally known as “The Oval”). As you can imagine it was a great...

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My experience with YWAM – Igor

                                BLOG AT YWAM HARPENDEN   Hello everyone, Before you start reading about my experience as a Discovery Intern in YWAM Harpenden, I would like to express my gratefulness to be able to share my experience here, which was a dream...

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