(Photo: YWAM Harpenden Archive)

From DTS to long-term Missions 

As I remember Ignite DTS, it was the most growing, exciting, and irreplaceable experience of my entire life. Before I said yes to God’s call to this school I didn’t know all the surprises He had for me as I obeyed. Physical and emotional healings, deep friendships, and an outreach location that would be a long-term assignment for me.

Prior to Ignite DTS, I already knew I wanted to be a long-term missionary in the Middle East, but this school answered the questions: How? (how can I contribute? what do I bring? am I enough?). Where? (which country God? which language do I need to learn?). When? (when am I ready to GO?). 

In the lecture phase, God answered the how. I have enough, God loves my gifts and the way I was made, He thinks I’m worthy and I have so much to offer the world.

On outreach in the Middle East, God answered the where and when, He told me that these were the people I could reach here in the Middle East. When, right now? I was always looking for a big sign in the sky about where I should go and what to do. I learned I needed to choose. Choose to shine, to stop hiding who I am and release His love in this corner of the earth. If it weren’t for this school I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. And I wouldn’t be in the country I am now serving the Lord. 

My question for you is: What kind of person do you want to become? What do you want to contribute? If you want to be stirred to deeper levels of trust in God, come. If you want healing, come. If you want a challenge, come. If you want to serve Him, come. See the surprise waiting for you when you say “YES!”.

Written by Emily, Ignite DTS 2018 trainee.