(Photo: YWAM Harpenden Archive)

DTS Testimonies: Healings on Outreach 


On outreach, I travelled to the Himalayas in Asia where my team saw God move in many different ways. It was a unique, eye-opening experience. We were able to live alongside villagers, sharing in their daily routines and have a chance to be a blessing in more than 9 villages.

We trekked from village to village preaching the gospel, playing with orphans, teaching Bible stories and worship songs, painting schools, sharing testimonies, and showing the love and kindness of Jesus to all.

It was super rewarding, but it also came with challenges. Like hiking through the mountains for hours, eating similar food each day, experiencing cold weather. We also faced opposition from the locals Hinduistic beliefs. Still, all these trials didn’t stop Jesus from being glorified.

In some places, we saw different kinds of healings after praying for locals, some of which included people with severe knee problems who were healed and began climbing stairs! After praying for others with walking sticks, they threw their sticks on the ground and began dancing. Sounds familiar to Acts 3:8. Others saw headaches fading away, lost voices returning, people with arm injuries all experiencing healing too. There are many more healings that I don’t even have space to mention.

My favourite story that stood out to me was when we prayed for a woman who was almost completely deaf. We prayed for her three times and the third time I put my hands on her ears. I felt something click under my fingers. A moment later she was telling her friends that her ears opened up and she could hear.

In other villages, it was a blessing to plant seeds of God’s truth and share the gospel with people who had never heard and might never have heard of salvation if we didn’t say “YES!”. Our time in the Himalayas was filled with experiences that marked us forever. God was moving in many ways; in the midst of all misery and poverty He brought smiles to many broken and abandoned hearts through my team.


Written by Sophia, Ignite DTS 2019 trainee.