(Photo: Gilary Torres)

Plans that cannot be Cancelled

We are living in a moment when plans have been cancelled daily. Schools and stores being closed, routines and activities being interrupted and having to be readapted. Personally, my plans have also been changed and put on “hold”. You feel frustrated and totally lost.

In meditating on this and chatting with God, I remembered Job’s words: “I know you can do everything. You make plans, and nothing can change or stop them.” (Job 42:2 ERV). That is when I concluded that even though all our plans stop, God’s plans never stop. Although everything around us is interrupted for a moment, God continues to work in order to fulfill the plan He has in mind.

The other day, when I saw the first of my plans get cancelled, I heard someone say that none of this was a surprise to God. He was not surprised by this worldwide pandemic. The Lord is not there in heaven, sitting on his throne with his hand on his chin, thinking: “And now, what shall I do with you all?”.

Job saw everything that he had crumble. He lost children, health and material goods. Overnight, he saw everything turn to dust. However, in the end, he understood that there was something he would never see frustrated or destroyed: God’s plans.

God always had a plan. He had a plan for Job and he has a plan for me and for you. Moreover, these plans cannot be cancelled. Today, we have the opportunity to turn to the Lord and ask what his plan for such a time as this is and how we can join Him in the fulfilment of this plan.


Written by Esaú Moraes.