(Photo: YWAM Harpenden Archive)

I love growing to see England through God’s perspective.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have felt apathetic towards the needs around you? I have. A couple of months ago, I felt that exact feeling towards the UK. Having been on numerous mission trips to other countries and experiencing God’s faithfulness in seeing hundreds come into relationship with Jesus, I failed to see God’s hand at work in my own country.


Where was the hunger for the gospel? Where was the revival?

Have you stood before an abstract painting and thought what is THAT? In total confusion about what the painting is supposed to represent, I then ask the creator of the painting to share the heart behind each stroke of the brush. The picture then comes to life when I gain understanding. In the same way, as we gain God’s perspective for the places/people/situations around us, we see an increase in circumstances where we can make a difference in other’s lives.

I then asked the Lord, “Please show me this nation through your eyes!”


After that short prayer, God revealed many opportunities to share the gospel with my friends and the people around me. One of which was with a close friend with whom I nervously shared the gospel. Guess what! He gave his life back to God. Just through a simple act of obedience, I was used to change the course of my friend’s life. When I asked for God’s perspective of this nation, I was able to recognize moments where God wanted to move through me.

I have also been enlightened to the reality of the hundreds of thousands of passionate Jesus-lovers, filled with the Holy Spirit at awesome events like Soul Survivor, David’s Tent and New Wine but also through churches. Despite the constant state of political unrest with Brexit I am utterly convinced that God is moving immensely in the lives believers/non- believers across this anointed and blessed country.


What is God saying to you?


If you want to activate your heart to discover God’s heart toward the people of England then join us for a six-month Discipleship Training School. You could learn about God’s character and nature, developing your character as well as being an active agent of change as you take part in international outreach, which could take you anywhere in the world!

God is moving in England, come play your part in the revival!






Written by Nathaniel Johnston