Art is a form to play rejoicing before the face of God.  – Hans Rookmaaker.

Since last year, we have been able to produce and record songs that God has poured out into our hearts. We are a big campus, therefore, we have a bunch of artists in our midst but today let me introduce you to some of the songs that we have journeyed with this year…..



Noel’s song

It was a fun challenge. I remember the day that he played his song to Bruno and me….. and to hear it now – wow! It’s landed in such a different place yet all while holding the original beauty. As a musician and a producer, it’s always a fine and tender line to communicate needed changes to artists. We don’t want to lose the identity of the song or the identity of the artist. Thankfully I know Noel pretty well, and one of his strength is his pastoral heart in which he loves to speak truth over people. His song is full of deep truth sung with kindness.



Claire Nicholls Song’s

I personally love her voice and it was an honour to produce her song. Her song doesn’t take the typical form of worship songs – it just has verse’. Yet these verses are so thoughtful. It is literally a sung conversation with the Creator. Working with the music, we tried to create a good foundation for this conversation to be immersed in. There isn’t an exciting guitar instrumental or a spectacular drums solo, however, the music allows a beautiful and intimate space where it feels as tho she is singing and dancing with God.




Eduardo – my own songs!

There are moments in the studio that you just want to have fun and create something crazy just for the joy of the moment. As artists, we do have a lot of things going on in our minds, and music is an amazing avenue to express our feelings and thoughts. My own songs have been a mix of fun and personal reflections exploring the possibilities within the music studio.

It’s been such a good adventure! I am looking forward to what God has for us here in the music studio in the future. My prayer is that the songs birthed and produced would impact the whole world. As the Cultura Music Studio at YWAM Harpenden, our desire is to be a platform where different artists can be who they truly are and express the gifts within them to the world around them. This is just the beginning……

written by Eduardo Vieira.

Don’t miss out….. Now you can find all the songs on Spotify!