Value of Turkey

From the turquoise colours of the Mediterranean to the ancient architecture of Istanbul, the nation of Turkey is a wonder to experience.  Food that is full of incredible flavours and people who shower guest with hospitality.  It only takes a short while to realize you have discovered a nation that has something special. 

The Turks have an expression that “Bir Kahvenın Kırık Yıl Hatırı Vardır”, which means a cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship.  Drinking Turkish coffee is as much a part of the day as shopping or preparing a meal when a neighbour or guest comes to the door they stop and invite them in. Tea or coffee is prepared and then they sit together and share what is happening in life.  It’s not so much the drink but that it brings people together. Below the surface of Turkish culture there is an incredible treasure – a value of friendship. 

There are many valuable things in this world like gold, diamonds, pearls but our most valuable treasures are the relationships we have.  

As humans, we have this innate need to be in relationship because God made us that way. At God’s core is relationship. The Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) all in relationship together even before the earth was created.  We are made in His image and part of how we carry the image of God is by being in relationships. (Genesis 1:27). 

Turks make time to drink coffee with each other, which means making time to be with a friend.  Drinking coffee together says, “this friendship is important enough to me that I want to stop my day. I want to sit together with you and hear how your life is and share what my life holds.” When we value someone we make time for them. 

“Gönül Ne Kahve Ister, Ne Kahvehane
Gönül Sohbet Ister; Kahve Bahane “

(The heart wants neither coffee nor coffeehouse,
it wants friendship; coffee is just the excuse. )

I love that the culture in Turkey shows the value of relationship. I love that coffee seems to be the excuse to come together and enjoy each other. I love that God’s heart is that we value the relationships in our lives and we treat them according to their value.  

How do you show you value the relationships in your life? 

L.MYWAM Harpenden staff.




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