Letters to the Missionary: Coming Home.

Summer has ended and our dear friends are coming back. But, What does it mean for a missionary to come back home? Which one? We certainly enjoy going back to the place where we grew up, or go back to our families in our countries, but what about this home? Where does the Oval fit in our lives, and why is it so important? Truly it’s important for our ministry and calling, the things yet it might not be the only thing in our minds when we think about this base as our home.

It seems easier to think about the past, about a place we left behind than to think about our current home. There will surely be some occasional visits to our previous home, but we’ve moved on to a place that we’ve grown to like over time, which involves more than just “work”. Here we have made friends and enjoyed amazing moments as a community, we’ve seen God IMG_9654work in wonderful ways and change lives. It may have taken a while, there might have been some hard times in the mix, but the good times are still valuable. I consider that our new home sparks more than nostalgia in our hearts, while we miss the place we come from, what makes us want to come back here is something much brighter.

In this relatively new place, there’s a future, an ongoing adventure. There’s more to come, things that we will be part of along with the rest of the community, we come back to be a part of the future of this community. Whether you’ve been on outreach, visiting relatives or simply on holiday, I want you to feel that way. I want all of us to feel like we have contributed to God’s plans, to remember that He called us here and that his love is for our base and us. We don’t come back just to meet old friends, we come back to make new ones, help them develop that sense of belonging. There’s true in saying that there will be challenges, life’s not complete without them, but the challenges aren’t the whole picture.

One thing that’s awesome about this place is that there’s opportunity for starting new things here. Of course, there are such opportunities everywhere, but I consider homes to be the incubators of such great ideas. They’re a safe haven where we can grow and develop almost fearlessly. I consider this “new” home my home, and a place where God will incubate some great things.

Now that we enter At Home Days, let’s welcome those who have or will come back with this in mind, let’s think about what’s in store for our home and work towards it together. As we hear the stories of those who have been away, we will rejoice in family and praise the LORD. Summer has ended and we are more excited than ever.

Cesar Redondo, YWAM Harpenden Staff 





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