IMG_0488In the 1970’s the term “Love Feast” was born. It was a time when once a week the YWAM community would gather together for fellowship, food, worship and meditation before the Sabbath day.

Today YWAM still uses the term but it has changed slightly in its deliverance. On Thursday August 1 the July DTS took part in our first Love Feast. Having built up to the occasion all week by receiving and giving gifts secretly to a selected person, the night was greatly anticipated.

The theme was home; dress as stereotypically as you can as someone from your home country. For the Canadians that meant toques and plaid shirts, while the Brazilians came bouncing in with a football dancing between them and their flag colours brightly displayed.

It was a fun evening with desserts and drinks being served. A time to laugh and bond while talking about what the Lord has been doing in our lives. After a bit of socializing we took turns creatively revealing who we had for the “Angel and Mortal” gift giving. We then affirmed the person by speaking out what qualities they had which we valued and what amazing gifts God has given them. At the end we prayed and thanked God for all the blessings He has given us.

The Love Feast was a highlight for many, as was the birthday celebration on Wednesday for two of our classmates, Suellen and Amanda.

During the week we learned about sin and the cross, an intense subject which challenged many on the traditional way of viewing the cross and the Trinity.

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