Well, it’s been a busy two weeks here for the DTS and only two more weeks to go till outreach! Speaking of which, the January 2013 DTS will be going to outreach in Albania. Before we leave for six weeks however, we will be splitting in to two teams for the UK portion. One team is going to Liverpool and the other is going to Newcastle. More information will come in a bit of what exactly the teams will be doing in those places. We’ve also finished the ‘Friendship First’ course which looked at how to befriend Muslims by understanding more of their culture and beliefs. One of the ways that we ended it was by visiting a mosque.

Two weeks ago, we had a teaching by Anne Sloan on identity in Jesus. She was very good at combining physical things like the brain and how we think with the spiritual and what the Bible says. She also walked us through the personality questionnaires of Myers-Briggs. As we discovered our personality type and how we process information, the trainees were able to grasp a better understanding of themselves and how others think. We also started our outreach prep time as a class and had a time of intercession for the country of Albania and what we feel like God is telling us to do while we`re there. This was also the week that the September 2012 DTS graduated after coming back from their respective outreaches. It was incredibly busy in number 9 as there were 35 extra people living in the building but it was great to see what God had done in their lives in the past six months and to see the current DTS students encouraged by their testimonies.

Last week was sin, cross, and repentance with Ina Steyn from the YWAM Harpenden base. It was safe to say that her teaching blew up everyone`s mind. She talked about the trinity and explained the idea behind having three persons but one God, how the resurrection fits with the cross, where was the Father when Jesus died and a bit on praying for others. The perfect way to end off this week was to have a DTS event (which we later titled, ‘An Evening of Thanksgiving and Worship’). The staff organized a night to simply eat savoury and sweet foods, encourage the trainees and to worship (led by Nathan Sperry) and have communion together. It was also a good excuse to dress up.

Last but not least, we had our traditional staff vs. student Frisbee game on the Oval. The staff won (as per tradition) but I’m sure the trainees are already waiting for a chance for redemption. Please be praying for a continued unity amongst the trainees as they get ready for outreach.

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