It is already the sixth week of the DTS! Time has flown by so quickly here and no week has looked quite like the normal schedule for this DTS. This week’s teaching was ‘Holy Spirit’ by Connie Taylor, a fiery red head who has pioneered YWAM Cambridge with her husband. After talking about spiritual gifts and living a life for Jesus, we had quite a few prayer times where we were able to pray for each other and give up things that were in the way of our relationship with God. There was one class that went on for a full 6 hours. The teaching and praying didn’t stop until the work duties and lunch that was supposed to happen was over. The school loved Connie’s enthusiasm and teaching and was sad to see her go.

A huge highlight of the week was that the trainees found out where they will go on outreach. For 2-3 weeks, there will be a UK portion spent in either Liverpool or Newcastle. The team will split up for the UK and then come back together for six weeks in Albania. It is in Eastern Europe and has long been on the school staff’s heart to send the school to Albania. The UK teams haven’t been officially split yet but each trainee was given time to pray about both locations and decide which one they were going on.

This week was also the week that the September school came back from their outreach and started their debrief week. It’s been quite a full house but it’s been interesting to see the two schools interacting with each other and finding people who only live 15 minutes away from each other back at home. This week was also a birthday week for our school leader. For her big birthday party, a staff member at YWAM Harpenden put together a Scottish-themed party. There was Ceilidh dancing, a big cardboard castle, IRN Bru cupcakes and a Lock Ness Monster birthday cake.

Please be praying for health for the DTS as many people are starting to feel unwell and continued unity among the school, especially as we will be going on outreach with each other.

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