The DTS started their third week with a speaker from Northern Ireland talking on the ‘Father Heart of God’. Mike Oman started with the story of the Israelites coming out of Egypt and crossing the Red Sea. The rest of the week followed with applying it to our time today when we go through difficult days and where we find God. Much time was also spent on God’s guidance, protection, provision, and discipline.

On Monday nights, we have now started our ‘Focus Mondays’ which are currently a six week video teaching looking at the differences between Christianity and Islam. The nights are a mix between watching videos and then turning into groups and discussing different questions. Since we don’t know where we might be going on outreach in the spring, the nights are a good prepping basis for understanding the culture of where Muslims are coming from.

On Wednesday, we started off the morning with intercession for Bristol, UK. Two YWAM Harpenden staff, who led the Forever 2012 team until just this past week, are moving to Bristol in the summer to pioneer YWAM Bristol. The January 2013 DTS was the first official prayer session that Kyle and Rossi have led. We started off with praying for foundational characteristics of the base and then moved in to praying for a location for a house. The trainees enjoyed the different form of intercession and were able to bring new things to the table for the couple while also confirming many key ideas for them.


Already the school is proving to be a very friendly and creative one. On Friday afternoon, there were creative book presentations of ‘Is That Really You, God?’ by Loren Cunningham. There were only four groups but they managed to cover a British pub quiz, song and dance, story book and a silent film. The night was set up like X-Factor, including some crazy judges like Simon Coward and Shirley Dimple. As well, this DTS is becoming more of a ‘movie’ school. Not in a ‘everyone-be-quiet-we’re-watching-a-movie’ but when someone turns on a movie in the lounge, everyone gathers and starts talking. It’s become more a social idea than a quiet one.

Please be praying for continued unity and a family-like atmosphere as well as continued perseverance for the trainees to learn and practice everything they’ve learned so far.



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