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The School of International Relations & Diplomacy (SIRD) aims to equip students to engage confidently and implicationally with the domain of international relations and diplomacy within the sphere of government. The goal is that students will be able to reflect the Lord’s heart and kingdom values as they serve, wrestle, and engage with very real issues and dilemmas that dominate this complex global sphere.

The school seeks to develop understanding and influences of various institutional, structural, and political mechanisms that impact the relationship among nations – including the causes of conflict, rise & fall of governments, and the destabilisation of nation states, regional and global agencies. Together we will examine information & disinformation strategies, the rhetoric of religious extremism, and shifts in political & regional power that impact civil society and beyond.

The outcome of the School of International Relations & Diplomacy (SIRD) is to create an opportunity for students to engage in this particular field, to create an excitement, a confidence, and the ability to think implicationally through the dilemmas and hard questions that do not have easy answers – to do so with integrity and grace.

This course is part of the College of Humanities and International Studies and College of Science & Technology from the University of the Nations Colleges and Centres.


With the collaboration of highly respected speakers and experienced specialists we aim to gain deeper understanding – including tools to be better agents of – change, peace, justice, and reconciliation –  rooted in Biblical principles & values.

Through lectures, expert input, discussions, multi-media, small groups, weekly assignments, reading, and a final project the student will foster an appreciation of the complexities, challenges, and dilemmas faced as they engage and grapple with the issues below:

  • Biblical view of the sphere of government in general, and international relations & diplomacy in particular
  • What is diplomacy and why is it so important?
  • Understanding political justice, international law, and the consequences
  • The rise and fall of the great empires found in the bible
  • The importance of history and its impact on international relations & diplomacy
  • The impact of Europe, the division of social, church, and government powers
  • Human Rights and the violations thereof
  • Understanding the dilemmas and tensions of war & peace negotiations in various regions of the world, their influences, and impact
  • Regional conflicts & terrorism
  • Current issues of the day – cause and effect
  • Case studies reflecting the importance of international relations & diplomacy

The School of International Relations & Diplomacy is part of a degree track for those that desire to continue studying within the University of the Nations.


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Rebecca Koenig
has been part of YWAM for approximately 22 years while earning her BA through the University of the Nations in Intercultural Studies and a Masters in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies – specializing in Religious Extremism & Islamic Law – from Edinburgh University. Her roles within YWAM have varied from leadership and management roles worldwide to teaching and staffing various upper level courses, as well as designing curriculum under the Government track. In the last several years Rebecca has concentrated primarily on teaching, training, and research in her given field towards her PhD. Her passion is to see young people live out their faith with real understanding of what and why they believe in order to impact all spheres of society with confidence. She will also never turn down an excuse to chat over a cup of coffee!

‘My passion and desire for a school such as SIRD is to create a safe environment for students to grapple with real issues that impact the world we find ourselves in currently; issues of migration, foreign policies, terrorism etc. where the world needs answers that so far as Christians, we are unable to give with real clarity and depth – as we ourselves don’t understand and more often then not – have the same questions we are being asked!

The ability to think through the issue and identify the very personal pain often attached to these dilemma’s need unpacking and God’s perspective and not just the standard rhetoric.’

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Ambassador Daniel and Sandy Choi

Daniel Choi served as Korean ambassador to European Union, Belgium, India, and Norway. Together with his wife Sandy, they served in YWAM/UofN as long-term staff and have been on the International Advisory Board since 2007.  They were students in the Mega DTS 2005 led by Loren and Darlene Cunningham.

It is their hope and desire that SIRD would produce more biblical world viewed Christians working in the governmental and intergovernmental arena with zeal and power to exercise Kingdom of God’s principle in this sphere.

Additional Information

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School Advisor: Ambassador See Young Lee

Ambassador See Young Lee served for 40 years in the Foreign Service of the Republic of Korea as Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador to U.N., France, Austria and Senegal and Assistant Minister for Policy Planning, among other positions. After retirement in 2001, served in the academic field as Visiting Professor of the Graduate School of International Studies at Seoul National University, President of Jeonju University, Chair Professor of International Relations at Handong University.



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